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About Me

Danalynne Wheeler Menegus

My background is in marketing technical B2B software, services, and events, working for companies of all sizes. I love freelance work because I love reading, writing, researching, and crafting stories to draw in an audience - and working with clients gives me the opportunity to learn and write about a wide variety of topics, in a wide variety of voices. I enjoy learning for the sake of learning. My unofficial nickname is "The Red Pen" because I am the person who points out the typos on restaurant menus, complains about articles posted without the benefit of a good editor, and submits unsolicited content error reports for Kindle books.  On any given day you can usually find me perched on the edge of my office chair typing away on my laptop, with one of my feline "assistants" curled up behind me (assuming they haven't taken over my desk). 



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